New Salem-Almont football is coming off a bye week going into the round of 16, but they’re facing a familiar opponent at home this weekend.

The Holsteins defeated Hettinger County by 52 points in the last game of the regular season, but they say that win means nothing now. The Holsteins are focused on controlling the line of scrimmage and attacking the run to be able to beat the Huskies a second straight time.

“Hettinger County is well coached,” Holsteins’ head coach Steve Kleinjan said. “He’s going to come with some looks I’m sure that we haven’t seen. We have to be prepared for a lot of stuff. They have some extremely talented football players, and we know that game two weeks ago is gone, history and over with.”

“The main thing that we have to do is get a faster pass rush and work on our pass defense. That’s the main thing we struggled with,” Holsteins’ lineman Levi Becker said. “They didn’t really run too much against us other than the option, that’s the only thing they really ran, so as long as we can stop the option and the pass I think we’ll have a good game again.”

The Holsteins and Huskies kickoff on Saturday.