Ford Explorer Police Car Situation Continues


Reports are coming in across the country of Ford Explorer police cars releasing carbon monoxide into the vehicles.

Ford now says it could be law enforcement’s own fault.

Alexus Arthur explains how this is happening.

Many police departments drive Ford Explorers but lots of modifications have to do be done before they’re put in the field.

“When we get the police car, the police department orders it and then we start getting the equipment that they need. We look it over. Make sure there’s no irregularities.” said Jonathan Malaterre, Third Watch Communications Owner.

It’s a pretty intensive project.

“Start stripping the interior, all the paneling, ceiling, seats, council, dash.” said Malaterre.

Malaterre modifies small town police vehicles to get them ready for the job.

Some reports have said that issues with carbon monoxide are due to these modifications, but Malaterre disagrees.

“We start running the wires, drilling holes like Ford says but when we drill a hole we have to make sure that hole isn’t compromising the vehicle.” said Malaterre.

He says that many times they use the holes that Ford has already put in.

“If we did this, we would’ve siliconed this whole thing up to seal it. I think Ford needs to take a step back. All of sudden they’re accusing us of problems with the vehicles.” said Malaterre.

Malaterre also does modifications to police vehicles that aren’t Ford Explorer’s such as the Chevy Tahoe and Dodge Ram.

“It has to just be this vehicle? That’s kind of fishy there that it just be one vehicle not all of them.” said Malaterre.

There’s a lot to change, but he says checking over your work is essential.

“We got to work the best of our ability.” said Malaterre.

And he’ll continue to work and take each vehicle step by step to make it ready for the road. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

Malaterre says that it takes about 7 days to make all the modifications to the vehicles.

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