Former Burleigh County Deputy Sentenced on Drug Charges


The former Burleigh County Sheriff’s Deputy accused of stealing drugs while working for the Narcotics Task Force was back in court today for sentencing.

31-year-old Kerry Komrosky was sentenced on three charges.
For the Class B Felony Theft charge, he received eight years, followed by two years of supervised probation.

For the two Class A Misdemeanors: Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, he got a 360-day sentence.

He will be credited for the 62 days he’s already served. 

Burleigh County Sheriff Kelly Leben says, “I think a message was sent. He was held accountable. You know, I think it was a fair sentence.”

The judge said most of the cases he tries deal with addiction, but Komrosky’s is unusual because it involves the breaking of the public’s trust.

His Lawyer told KX News, he will be filing an appeal to get Komrosky out of prison within 30 days.


But what happens to all the cases Komrosky was involved in before his arrest?

We sat down with Burleigh County State’s Attorney Julie Lawyer, who says they have finished re-investigating the cases Komrosky was involved in, in Burleigh County.

25 cases in the one county alone, had to be reviewed following Komrosky’s arrest. Due to the nature of his job, the scope of cases affected could be much larger. 

Kerry Komrosky was a Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Deputy for years. He was also a Narcotics Investigator at the time of his arrest in April.

Burleigh County Sheriff Kelly Leben adds, “I’ve been in the department for quite a period of time, and I’ve never seen the trust violated to this level.”

The State’s Attorney’s office is ultimately responsible for looking back at all cases Komrosky was involved in.

State’s Attorney Julie Lawyer says drug cases are not easy to re-investigate.

Lawyer explains, “If it is someone who is a major witness in the case, or a major player in the case, then what we would have to do, is we would have to look at whether or not we could present all the evidence without that person testifying. If we can’t, then the case would have to be dismissed.”

Komrosky also stole from evidence, affecting cases that he may not have been directly involved in.

Lawyer says they have dismissed multiple cases in the review process.

She shares, “It doesn’t matter how many cases are disrupted or how many cases are affected by it, this is always serious. When someone that we put our trust in as the public to protect our rights, protect us, and it’s broken; that trust is broken, it’s always serious.”

Sheriff Leben explains, “For us, we just keep moving forward. And I think more so, we’re not looking at the criminal prosecution part. What we’re looking at is, how do we prevent this from happening again.”

Mostly Komrosky worked with Morton and Burleigh Counties, but other counties could be affected. It’s up to them to investigate.

Julie Lawyer says the Supreme Court, could need to hear some of these cases. Hopefully, that would happen within a year.

Sheriff Leben says his department is working to improve the hiring process, including drug testing,
which he says many law enforcement agencies don’t currently do.

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