Morton County, ND (KXNET)- The former Morton County assistant state’s attorney, who successfully prosecuted the Chad Isaak case, is fighting her termination.

“Always, I’ve fought on behalf of the people of Morton County, my own community, my own county. That’s where I live,” said Gabrielle Goter. ” And with results that spoke for themselves, but it was also to build a sense of integrity and public trust.”

Those principles of trust and integrity Goter believes were lacking from an investigation into her workplace conduct that led to her termination. A Morton County Human Resources spokesperson previously told KX News that after looking into Goter’s conduct, a pattern of mistreatment of both former and current office employees emerged, dating as far back as 2014. But Goter says she was blindsided by the investigation that led to her termination.

“No complaints had ever been filed against me, and under Morton County policy, a complaint is a specific thing,” said Goter. “There has to be a written document. The party complained against has to be put on notice and given an opportunity to respond. And appropriate corrective action, if any is necessary, is weighed at that time. So, the whole idea of going back and saying this now is improper. And that was one of the arguments I brought up in my appeals process,” she added.

Goter also says that only certain people were interviewed as part of the investigation, and that several of her longtime trusted colleagues were not.

KX News reached out to the Morton County State’s Attorney’s Office. Morton County Human Resources Director Wendy Bent provided a copy of a 2014 email, which shows Goter was made aware of a complaint against her at that time.

In a follow-up email at the time, Goter says she was unable to actually view the specific complaint.

“Which really flies in the face of everything I’ve been taught and that I’m expected to practice. If you’re accused of something, you have the right to know what that is and defend against it. Yet, that has not been my experience in this case,” said Goter.

Bent also noted that some of the employees that may have spoken favorably of Goter were offered an opportunity to interview as part of the investigation. “We interviewed each employee from 2014 to 2022 who was willing to provide input,” Bent said in an email to KX News.

In addition to her appeal, Goter says she is continuing her bid for Morton County State’s Attorney.

“I believe in the mission of the State’s Attorney’s Office. And so, do I still want to be doing that work? Yes,” Goter said.

She will face off against current Morton County State’s Attorney Allen Koppy in the election.