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Fostering animals help ND families during COVID-19


Our pets are basically like family to us. If you’re thinking about getting your own furry friend this pandemic might be the best time to foster an animal, to try it out first.

Aaron Fields found out why it’s not only beneficial for the animal but for yourself as well.

Pet foster Scott Rivinius says, “Depending on how you foster them–they can become part of your family.

The Rivinius family have now fostered 3 animals and say it really is the perfect time to do so due to COVID-19.

What many people don’t understand is when you decide to foster… you’re actually saving more animals because it gives shelters more room. However, it’s important to make sure you go into fostering with patience.

Foster parent and Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue Volunteer Nicole Rivinius says, “You are getting these animals ready for their forever home- so they may have come off the streets and they don’t know what it means to be loved or to be house trained. It’s your job as a foster to teach them love and how to be trained in a home or whatever that animal needs to be successful.”

While it might be a little scary at first–it’s worth it.

“You get so attached to them and you love them and they love you and feel comfortable with you,” says Nicole Rivinius. “And then you start shipping them off and it kind of feels like you are betraying their love and trust–but you know you’re doing a good thing and giving more animals homes.”

I spoke Julie Hulstrand who just adopted a foster puppy and has adopted other animals in the past. Hulstrand tells KX News she can tell the difference of how much fostering has helped get her pup adjusted to a new life.

“You really do get to see their personalities come out because of the foster homes,” says Hulstrand. “The surrounding I am used to on a day to day basis– she has taking very well but that’s not always the case with adopting them straight out of shelter–they just usually say you paid for them and now their yours. Good Luck…”

While it is easy to get attached to these furry friends and it can be hard to give them up—you’re doing something they can’t do for themselves.

Nicole Rivinius says, “They have emotions and have personalities too. But try and put yourself in their shoes or their paws and just be understanding of their situation.”

Julie Hulstrand adds, “She’s changed my whole world already in just this one week.”

Shelters like Furry Friends also know sometimes fostering doesn’t work out for everyone. They will pick the animal back up if need be.

Furry Friends says they can never have too many fosters, but cats and large dogs are who they need foster parents for the most right now.

For more information on fostering through Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue, click here.

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