Four measures set for the November ballot


The North Dakota Secretary of State’s office has officially assigned numbers to the four measures that will appear on the November ballot.

The order in which measures appear on the ballot are set by state law.

In November, these are the measures North Dakota voters will be asked to decide:

Measure 1: Pertaining to the transparency of funding sources. lobbyists, conflicts of interests, and the establishment of an ethics commission. This would add a new article to the North Dakota Constitution establishing a North Dakota ethics commission.

Measure 2: Pertaining to the elections in which a qualified voter may vote. This would amend the North Dakota Constitution to state that “only a citizen” of the United States is a qualified elector, instead of the current provision that states “every citizen” of the United States is a qualified elector.

Measure 3: Pertaining to the legalization of marijuana. This would legalize possession and distribution of marijuana for those over 21 years of age and expunge the records of North Dakotans convicted of possessing and selling marijuana.

Measure 4: Pertaining to the establishment of personalized vehicle plates for volunteer emergency responders. This would provide for issuing red personalized license plates to volunteer emergency responders. The plates would also be used for admission to all North Dakota state parks..

You can read the full ballot measures and other information here.

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