Fourth of July Trivia


How well do you think you know the history of America? We quizzed people to find out.

The United States of American declared independence in what year?
“That would be 1776.”
“1764?” Nope.

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
“Benjamin Franklin?”
“The Founding Fathers.”
“Thomas Jefferson.”
“Thomas Jefferson.”
“Thomas Jefferson.” How about you?
“I don’t know.”

How many stripes are on the flag?
Counting….”Not on this one.”
“Um, 14?” No, you’re close.
“Five? six? 13.”

What country did we declare independence from?
“Great Britain.”
“From England.”
“Great Britain.”
“Uh, England.”

It seems like some people could use a history lesson, but they know enough to celebrate.

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