In Continuing coverage: A month ago, two people in the Bismarck-Mandan area became victims of identity theft and fraud.

Both reported missing more than 30,000 dollars from their Gate City bank accounts.

KX News sat down with Gate City Bank to learn more about fraud and what you can do to protect yourself.

The Senior Vice President says the best thing you can do is continuously monitor your bank account, and immediately report any activity you don’t recognize.

He also says be cautious in giving out any of your personal information, and before you do, make sure you know exactly who you are providing it to.

Gate City Bank Senior VP Norman Clark explains, “It really does look for people that aren’t paying attention; tries to put people in a position where they need to make decisions about sending money someplace very quickly. They try to convince folks to do it under the radar.”

He says fraud is a growing issue, but he assured us, at Gate City Bank, they will cover the cost.