Free Parking Offered In Downtown Parking Structures

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More spaces to park and you don’t have to pay for your spot.

Downtown Minot is opening its parking garages to everyone at no cost for a limited time.

Earlier this month, the former developer Cypress Development turned over operations to the City.

As part of the transition, the city is opening this parking garage behind me and the central parking garage for one month.

The public information officer says this free month also buys the city time to make operational adjustments.

They will conduct a structural and conditional assessment of the two structures, facilitate clean up work, and make security improvements.

“We’re trying to do this as best as possible that’s why we’re opening up for a month. Let people figure it out, let us figure it out too,” said Derek Hackett, City of Minot Public Information Officer.

Normally to park in the garage the first hour is free and then it’s 1.50 after that.

There are 225 parking spots in both garages.

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