Free shoes, Bible, message the focus of “Shoes Of Hope” for kids


Legacy Church will host a “Shoes Of Hope” community event this August, serving the physical and spiritual needs of 100 children from kindergarten through fifth-grade.

Volunteers will demonstrate the idea of “servant leadership” by washing the feet of each child, providing a message of hope and giving each child a new pair of shoes and their own Bible.

This free event includes food, carnival games and haircuts.

“Children will get to pick their own shoes,” says Nita Jeromchek, Shoes of Hope leader. “Volunteers will wash their feet and tell them about Jesus as they share a blessing for the new school year.”

Shoes of Hope is funded through grants and gifts so there is no charge to people who receive the items.

Since there are a limited number of shoes, pre-registration is required. Once registration is full at 100 children, the remaining families will be added to a waiting list.

You can register and learn more at

The “Shoes Of Hope” event will be held at Wachter Middle School Sunday, August 18, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., for the first 100 Kindergarten through 5th graders to sign-up.

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