From Cookies to a Car, How one 10-year-old is a self-made entrepreneur

Madie Canales is only 10-years-old and is already making power moves for her future. The young girl has started her own business in the area by selling delicious treats for all to enjoy.

“We just made this little stand. It was just this wooden little platform and then it bumped up
to this and then we started selling chocolate-chip cookies, scotcharoos, sugar cookies,
and these peanut coconut cookies,” says Canales.

Madie said she began her stand at the beginning of June and already has some regular customers.
Local, LaRayne Haakenson, says she was so lucky to have run into Madie’s Munchies stand.

“This my third trip back, so I have only met her on 3 occasions but the day I met her I knew she was special,” says Haakenson.

Madie says she is using the money she earns to save money for a car. So far Madi has raised
over $500. Madie’s stand is open most Saturday’s and said the scotcheroos and chocolate-chip cookies are the best sellers.

Madie is doing more than most ten-year-olds are doing and is certainly leaving her mark in the area.

“I just think Madie is so impressive of a young lady that the people of the city of Bismarck better keep an eye out for her because she is going to be an up and comer in Bismarck and I would hire her in a heartbeat,” Haakenson added.

Madi will be selling her sweet treats on the south end of Fox Island this weekend and you can keep up with her by liking her Facebook page.

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