Frost Level Diving Lower, Causing Water Pipe Problems

The below-normal temperatures have pushed the frost deep into the ground this winter.
Especially in areas where snow cover – which can act as insulation – is minimal.

That’s the case around Minot.

NDAWN – NDSU’s weather observation network – reports Minot’s frost level as of today at about five feet.
City Public Works Director Dan Jonasson says the frost has actually sunk to the eight-foot level, based on the frozen water pipe reports that have been coming in in the recent ten days.
He says the problems have hit areas such as downtown, that don’t normally have freeze-up issues.

(Dan Jonasson, Minot Public Works Director) “With the lack of snow cover this year and all those cold temperatures, it’s affecting a lot of areas that we’ve never seen affected before.”

Jonasson is advising homeowners to measure the temperature of their tap water by running the water for two-three minutes and then checking the temp.
If it’s below 40 degrees, they’re encouraged to keep the water running slowly at night to head-off frozen pipes.

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