Future authors learn how to write a book

Debi Nelson was fascinated by the wildlife she encountered during walks near her lake cabin. After years of taking photographs, she decided to write a book about the animals she met along the way. Now, she’s teaching children the skills she learned and showing them that they can do it too.

“I want to make sure that if there are budding writers, that they are not surprised or think that it’s magic, that I actually just used the same rules that their teachers have been teaching them,” says Debi Nelson, Author & Wildlife Photographer.

Nelson explained her process, starting by choosing a genre and brainstorming a topic. And when it came to the topic, she emphasized one thing:

“Write about what’s interesting to you,” says Nelson.

She showed the kids that research was more than just going to a library: it’s talking to friends and family members and going to the places you plan to write about.

“Show them that even adults and people that supposedly are good writers, we still have a lot of people that edit,” says Nelson.

Although these children are young, they’re already showing an interest in the art of writing.

“Our daughter really loves to write and read, especially, so this just ties right in to what she really enjoys,” says Shannon Hanson, Father.

Brynn Hanson says she’ll read any book she can get her hands on. One day, she hopes to write a story about an adventure. With the tools she’s learned, she’s feeling even more confident in her abilities.

“I think I can do a lot better, and get there. Like, get to the point where I can actually do it on my own,” says Brynn Hanson, Young writer.

All it takes is one idea.

Nelson visits local schools to give her presentation in hopes of inspiring the young authors. Click Here to visit her contact page on her website.

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