Future presidential library will be closer to national park than Dickinson


In a 9 to 2 vote the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation decided to build the future library in Medora.

The majority of the board members and Governor Doug Burgum feel moving the library near the national park will make it more attractive to national donors.

The two “NO” votes were from Representative Vicky Steiner and Senator Rich Wardner of Dickinson.

Sen. Wardner said he is irritated with the decision, because just seven months ago the museum and the library were going to be in Dickinson.

Now it is all going to Medora, and he is calling it a “hijacking”.

“Well what would you say when you think something is going to be located in your community,  and then all of the sudden its taken away. Its gone. You can call it a lot of things but hijacking is a pretty good word,” said Sen. Wardner.

During the meeting the board also made a decision to replace references to Medora with Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Sen. Wardner said he see’s it as the group trying to enhance the image of the presidential library and national park.

He also said “no decision” has been made yet, but certain board members would like to see the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library board members will meet again on June 14 and 15, and during that meeting, it will talk about possible site locations and fundraising.

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