In continuing coverage, we have been following various angles regarding the Red River Water Supply Project.

When KX News last visited Sykeston landowner, Fred Richter, who is not too excited about the Red River Valley Water Supply Project, he requested that we ask two questions heavy on his mind when I next spoke with Garrison Diversion’s Duane DeKrey.

DeKrey once stated in a previous interview with KX, “We were able to change some routes. We were able to negotiate on weed control, on the crop damage policy, things that are going to affect them while we’re constructing.”

Why was Fred Richter’s not honored specifically?

“I don’t know what negotiations he’s talking about, because if he’s talking about the federal projects, that is a precursor to the state project. We weren’t involved in that, so anything he did on the federal project would not have any bearing on our negotiations with him. We have no easements for Mr. Richter, we have never issued him a check, and there is no easement by Mr. Richter that would be recorded at the courthouse because it just didn’t happen. Whatever happened before I was in this chair, I have no knowledge of,” DeKrey says.

“Garrison diversion does not have any record of Mr. Richter signing an easement. He has not signed an easement, and he has not received payment from our office,” said a woman behind the camera at Garrison Diverson.

And in case the project fails, who is responsible for the pipe?

There was no clear answer to this question during our interview, but DeKrey did send an email saying quote, “I have repeatedly stated that we have a crop damage policy with NO end date.”

In the email, he also stated, “Our engineer, Black and Veatch, an international firm in conjunction with an ND regional firm AE2S a sub to them using all aspects of the pipeline route, cost, ease of construction, legal and other considerations chose what is called the Highway 200 route. The ND legislature passed legislation to fund and study it if our engineers had done it correctly. The ND SWC was put in charge and hired H2M-HIL, another international engineering firm, to validate our work with a Value Engineering Study. The end result was that our work was validated, and they also made some suggestions, which we adopted. The route was not changed”.