Genetic Testing: The Good and The Bad

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Sanford Health now offers genetic testing for qualified patients. Genetic testing can help doctors see how likely you are to develop a serious illness.

It also helps them look at what genes you have that would affect certain medications and the dosing of them.

The testing gives doctors an opportunity to set up a preventative care plan based on your results. But not everyone is eligible to be tested and your results could trigger negative emotions.
Critical Care Physician at Sanford Health, Anthony Tello, says the pros outweigh the cons.
“The con although maybe significant but not that significant. The con is unfortunately knowing the results may effects one ability to get disability insurance or nursing home insurance. It will not affect your ability to get health insurance though and we know that for a fact,” says Tello.
Tello says if you qualify you should definitely look into genetic testing. For more information about genetic testing or if you qualify click here. 

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