Get Hydrated For Summer Health


With the official start of summer in a few days… health professionals say staying hydrated is important.

They recommend wearing dark-colored clothing because U-V rays are less likely to get through. Sunscreen is important.

You should apply it 15 to 20 min before going outside.
Anything over 30 S-P-F is recommended for protection against uv rays.
And you should shoot for 8 glasses of water a day.

Betsy Kanz, a health services program coordinator says, it can actually happen quicker than you think. Many of times people are behind on their hydration before they even go outside for the day.

It’s important for our bodies to have the approprate amount of hydration.

Anytime we sweat we are losing the water that your body needs.

If you do get a heat stroke or heat exhaustion move to a cool place, loosen clothing, cool body down and call 911.

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