Girl Thwarts Abduction Attempt

A local mother is relieved her daughter did the right thing when confronted with a potential abduction last week.
The girl was chased down a city sidewalk and then offered a ride from someone who might have been working with the man chasing her.
(Jim Olson, KX News) It could have been a nightmare that started out here in this parking lot in the middle of Minot. It’s where somebody started following a young girl and apparently tried to abduct her.
(Sharla Braun, Mother) “There was a red car, an older red car in the parking lot.”
(Jim Olson, KX News) A man hopped out of that car and started walking, then running after the girl who was walking along Hiawatha Street.
(Sharla Braun, Mother) “She was completely freaked out. Decided to start running and he started sprinting after her yelling really loud, hey come back here, hey you. She was sprinting probably about a block.”
(Jim Olson, KX News) Then, her daughter encountered a second person – a woman in her 50s or 60s driving a silver SUV, yelling at the man that she would call police.
(Sharla Braun, Mother) “And the lady pulled off to the side and told my daughter to get in to the car and my daughter said no and continued to sprint – she’s still in a full sprint – and she said get in the car and I’ll help you get to where your destination is and as she slowed down my daughter yelled no and kept going.”
(Jim Olson, KX News) And that, mother Sharla Braun thinks, may have kept her 14-year-old daughter from being abducted because she thinks the woman was in on the plan.
(Sharla Braun, Mother) “He had no intention of dragging her back kicking and screaming on this road which would draw a lot of attention but she would have possibly gotten into the SUV on her own which would have been detrimental of course.”
(Jim Olson, KX News) In the end, the story turns out to be instructive for all of us. Kids should make sure they don’t get into strangers’ cars, even someone who might be appearing to help in some cases. In Minot, Jim Olson, KX News.
There have been no arrests in the case.

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