Girls Take Action To Help Classmates


When some fifth graders at a local elementary school realized some kids couldn’t afford to buy lunch at school, they took action.
The girls came up with a plan to help out their classmates.
Jim Olson traveled to Williston to meet the trio making it happen.

I’d like to introduce you to some girls you’re going to like.

(Ryann Harkison, 5th Grader) “We are the Hot Lunch Helpers.”
(Aurora Lisle, 5th Grader) “The Hot Lunch Helpers.”
(Jazmyn Holley, 5th Grader) “Hot Lunch Helpers.”

Ryann, Aurora, and Jazmyn are all about lunch. 
You know – school lunch – where all the kids line up and punch in their codes to pay for their meals. And then grab their food and eat. But the three girls – all fifth graders at Missouri Ridge School near Williston – noticed that some classmates weren’t able to afford a hot lunch.

(Jazmyn Holley, 5th Grader) “It just popped into our minds because some kids, they have to eat peanut butter and jelly.”

That’s what’s served to kids who can’t pay for the hot meal. But the Hot Lunch Helpers have a plan to fix that.

(Ryann Harkison, 5th Grader) “We raise lunch money for kids that don’t have enough money to get their own, or get school lunches.”
(Aurora Lisle, 5th Grader) “We give it to the kids that can’t afford cold lunches or hot lunches.”

Here’s how it works.

(Aurora Lisle, 5th Grader) “In the homeroom classrooms we have pickle jars and they can donate money to those pickle jars and at the end of the month we collect the money and every two months we give the class that raised the most money a pizza party and the money goes to the children that can’t afford any food.”

Cool, huh? They’ve raised about $300 so far – on the way to paying off the debts of all who’ve run up bills in the cafeteria.

(Ryann Harkison, 5th Grader) “It makes me feel good because I know how it feels. One of my friends has gone through it – they don’t have anything for lunch and I just like to help.”
(Aurora Lisle, 5th Grader) “It makes us feel good knowing we can do something about their problem.”
(Jazmyn Holley, 5th Grader) “It’s good seeing the kids come out of the lunchroom with smiles on their faces.”

Throw in the every other month pizza party for the classroom raising the most money – and it’s a winner all the way around.

(Aurora Lisle, 5th Grader) “We get pizza every two months!”

The Hot Lunch Helpers – told you you’d like them.
Near Williston, Jim Olson, KX News.

The school principal says the Hot Lunch Helpers did the brainstorming for the project and came up with the plan to make it work.

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