Governor Burgum Vetoes First Bill of the Session

Governor Burgum vetoed his first bill of the session, stating he is, “unconvinced that this 100% fee increase is necessary.”

Senate Bill 2244 doubles the fees for noncommercial and commercial driver’s licenses, and in a letter written to President of the Senate Brent Sanford, Governor Burgum states the fee increase was not requested in the executive budget.

He also states in the letter, “Before any fee increase is adopted, especially a fee that doubles the price of a monopolized service essential to nearly all North Dakotans, further study is warranted. Senate Bill 2130 was signed into law on March 8, 2019, requiring a comprehensive study of state agency fees, including department of transportation fees. Senate Bill 2130 will enable significant information gathering on these fees, to identify a more holistic approach. 

Until then, I remain unconvinced that this 100% fee increase is necessary.”

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