Governor makes Sunday shopping official


Early Sunday shopping will become a reality in August.

Governor Burgum signed the legislation that will repeal North Dakota’s ban.

The Senate passed the bill last week.

August 4th, will be the first Sunday you can expect to shop early.

The battle to end Sunday closing has been a long one going back decades. Efforts to repeal the laws have been consistently introduced in various legislative sessions, without success, going back to the 1980s.

However, the extent of the laws have been diminished over time — first, with legislation to allow the sale of necessary family items on Sundays (milk, infant formula and such), then legislation allowing stores to open after noon on Sundays.

Supporters of Sunday closing worried about intruding on one day set aside for family and worship and forcing employees to choose between church and work on Sundays.

Supporters of repealing the so-called “blue laws” said allowing stores to open on Sundays was reflective of the will of the people and modern shopping habits.

Governor Burgum released these statements this morning.

“This legislation supports freedom, fairness and local control,” Burgum said. “We trust retailers to decide when it’s best to open or not open their businesses, and we trust families and consumers to determine how best to spend their time.”

“Repealing this Sunday morning shopping restriction will allow our Main Street businesses to compete on a more level playing field with online retailers and bordering states,” the governor added. “Giving retailers the choice to join the grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants that already operate on Sunday mornings will create a fairer business environment.”

“North Dakota is filled with people who treasure their close-knit communities, faith traditions and quality family time, and together we will continue to cherish the values that contribute to our state having the best quality of life in the nation,” Burgum said.

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