Grain Production is Low this Season, but Better than Worried Farmers Expected

Harvest Sunset

With the difficult harvest season due to the drought, farmers aren’t producing as much grain this year.

But it’s not as bad as they originally thought. The average bushel of wheat weighs in at 60 pounds but this year- we were under by 2 pounds. When you come in underweight, the price per bushel drops. But, it’s not all bad news.

A South Central Grain employee says that many of his customers say they were harvesting twice, even three times more than what they expected with the dry season.

Eric Basnett; Grain Merchandiser: “A lot of guys were actually pleasantly surprised by the yields they were seeing in the fields. We still saw an off year. It was averaged between 15 and 30 depending on the field.”

Along with bushels being underweight, purchasing prices varied much more this season than we’ve seen before, ranging $2.50. It normally only ranges 50 cents.


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