“There’s 12,000 teachers in the state of North Dakota, all 12,000 have great ideas. You could be the next teacher that receives the grant award as the recipient and encourage them to reach out to us if they have any questions,” ND Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler said.

The teacher grant opportunities come after the national teacher of the year award. The grants want to illustrate to North Dakota that there are no limitations for learning in our classrooms.

“We committed to giving up to $10,000 every three months to teachers across our state that have innovative ideas,” Baesler said.

Some of these ideas include creating a school community garden, drone technology, and even cold weather safety practices.

“Our teachers really do recognize how our students are eager to not just read about it and hear about things that are going on in differences that are going on; our students of this generation want to be a part of that,” Baesler said.

Each student has their way of learning, and it could either be visual or hands-on.

“You have the left part of your brain being creative and the right part of your brain doing the cognitive functions of reading and writing, bringing those together and experiences are when true authentic learning happens,” Baesler said.

Grants have been issued to a librarian and four other teachers in our state… one being at Century High School in Bismarck.

“We provide teachers the opportunity to do great innovative things, our students are actually the benefactors of that,” Baesler said.

The next round of applications will open on October 12 with a deadline set for October 26th. Up to $10,000 will be funded every three months.