Grass Fire Burns Through an Acre of Land

Sheehan Road Fire OTS_1525025421350.png.jpg

Burleigh County Deputies and the Bismarck Rural Fire Department responded to a fire on Sheehan Road Sunday morning.

The land affected by the grass fire spans about an acre, in a residential area off of South Washington Street.

There is an unoccupied house adjacent to the smouldering trees.

The Fire Department’s structural team investigated the house and found no damage.

The fire turned to ashes and smoke by 11 a.m., and the Sheriff’s Department was able to assure the homeowner their house is unaffected.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. 

Corporal Jared Lemieux of the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department says, “It’s a pretty common time for this to happen. It could’ve been a cigarette being thrown out as a car drove by on the road, could’ve been a four-wheeler of some type that drove through and possibly sparked up something that would set the grass on fire. But right now, I have no idea.”

Michael Voigt of the Bismarck Rural Fire Department adds, “We’ve come into our spring fire season now. These types of things are going to become common over time if we don’t start to see some rain. So we’re just asking people when they’re going to burn, to be careful and to follow the restrictions that are out there.”

Sheriff Lemieux says the neighbors called the fire in, and used hoses from their homes to start fighting the fire.

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