Grassroots Campaigning

Candidates are working hard to meet as many voters as possible.
Sometimes the best way to do that is to knock on their doors.  
Renee Cooper took a hike on the campaign trail and tells us one thing the candidates agree on.
(Mike Dwyer, State Senate, Dist. 47 – R): “I think door-to-door is the most effective, and then you know, maybe mailings or other kinds of communications. But door-to-door is clearly the most effective, it’s personal.”
(Brandi Jude, State Senate, Dist. 47 – D): “It’s a way for people to see a face and match it to a name on the ballot.”
Brandi Jude and Mike Dwyer are running against each other for an opening in the state senate. 
They are both first time candidates, so grass roots campaigning is the place to start. 
However, it isn’t easy. 
(Renee Cooper): “I talked to 20-year state representative Larry Klemin earlier, who says that face-to-face interaction is an effective way to campaign, but it’s hard to find the right time to knock on people’s doors.”
And even when you do, about a third of residents actually answer.
(Kara Richter, Bismarck Resident): “To stop and say hello and make it quick, they might not mind it so much, but a lot of people, I think, are not as open to having people come to their doors for any reason.”
And the biggest expense in canvassing is not monetary…it’s time. 
(Dwyer): “I want legislators who are going to go to work when they get elected, and so, door-to-door is work.”
(Jude): “I wish I bought a FitBit, I really do. The other week I was keeping track of it, over Fourth of July week and from that Saturday to that Thursday, I’d knocked on over 300 doors.”
In total, there are about 14,000 doorsteps to reach in District 47 before November.
Renee Cooper…KX News.
Dwyer told us that between him and the two republicans serving the district in the house, they reached each doorstep in District 47 before the primary. 
He plans to cover the whole district solo starting in September. 
Jude has been door knocking for a couple months now.. and says she won’t stop until election day.

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