Great Plains Food Bank to receive extra food from federal government ahead of the holidays

Food pantries are reaping a windfall from the global trade war.

The federal government is purchasing more than a billion dollars in commodities from farmers who are hurting as a result of foreign tariffs on their products.
The food is making its way to hungry families in-need. 

That means non-profits like the Great Plains Food Bank will have thousands of tons of extra food to give away, over the next two years.

The extra foodstuffs are commodities such as milk, grains, fresh and frozen vegetables and meat.

“We hear from our clients the most that they really want that dairy product. Whether it’s cheese or milk or eggs, they really want some of those staple items that people don’t think about because of the short shelf life,” says Melissa Sobolik with the Great Plains Food Bank.

Sobolik says the food will begin arriving at Christmas time.
While they don’t know exactly how much food they’ll receive, they know it will be spread across more than 100 communities in North Dakota, and the 207 agencies they serve.

The Great Plains Food Bank served more than 97,000 North Dakotans last year.

They say 1 in 9 North Dakotans receive food assistance, and the group moves more than one million pounds of food per month to families throughout our state.

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