Gregory Avoids Murder Conviction

A Minot woman who admitted shooting and killing a man at a Minot apartment last year has been found guilty of manslaughter.
Jim Olson has been following the case and has our story.

(Kommika Gregory) “When he rushed me, I shot him.”

Kommika Gregory killed Ronald Thompson last November but argued in court that it was self defense.
The 12-member jury took about five hours to decide the case, returning its guilty verdict about 4:15 this afternoon.
The trial was quick for a murder case – taking only three days from jury selection through verdict.
That’s because the defendant, Kommika Gregory, didn’t contest most of the facts.
She admitted she shot Ronald Thompson when she went to the apartment of her ex-boyfriend, Rodriguez Butler.
On the witness stand yesterday, Gregory said she did it because Thompson threatened to take her gun and shoot her.
In closing arguments today, the prosecution said the available facts showed the gunshot wounds didn’t match Gregory’s description.
Kelly Dillon said the autopsy showed the victim was not attacking, but cowering.

(Kelly Dillon, Prosecutor) “He is crouching down in a defensive posture. How much of a threat is he when he’s crouching down in a defensive posture?”

Defense attorney Steven Mottinger argued that the angles of the bullets entering Thompson’s body were irrelevant since Thompson and Gregory were involved in a scuffle.

(Steven Mottinger, Defense Attorney) “If he’s right here, it’s going to be here, it’s going to be there. Could be there depending on how close he was the angle could be like that. The angles are immaterial folks.”

In the end, the 12-person jury decided, while Gregory didn’t murder Thompson, she was guilty of manslaughter.
Jim Olson, KX News.

The manslaugher conviction carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.
A sentencing date has been set for Jaunary.

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