Grenora Public Schools, Superintendent to Part Ways

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Effective June 30th, 2019 Grenora Public Schools Superintendent Troy Walters will resign his position, according to a settlement agreement released by the school. 

In early April, allegations of improper conduct against Walters came to light. Allegations that Walters disputed. 

According to the settlement, both the school and Walters decided to resolve the dispute internally in order to avoid, “uncertainty, inconvenience, and expense of continued litigation.”

Also detailed in the settlement, GPSD will not pursue criminal charges against Walters for alleged misconduct connected to his employment. 

Though Walters does not admit that any of his spending was improper, he says he’s paid $2,830 in restitution to protect his reputation.

In a statement, Walter says, that his resignation comes only because he’s accepted a Superintendent position in Twin Buttes, not because he was forced to resign.

Walters also he’s pleased with the outcome.

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