Groundbreaking For General Aviation Terminal

Less than five months from today, air passengers in Williston will be using the brand new airport.
Opening day on the Williston Basin International Airport is scheduled for October 10th.
There’s still a lot of work to be done – including a very important building to be erected.
Jim Olson was there today for groundbreaking on the general aviation terminal.

Groundbreakings can be expected on a quarter-billion-dollar project.

But this groundbreaking comes less than five months before the new XWA – Williston Basin International Airport – is due to open.

(Tanner Overland, Overland Aviation) “We’ll get it done, October 10th. Very excited for the opening.”

Tanner Overland says his company’s general aviation terminal and US Customs facility will make the deadline – and will help truly make the airport international.

(Tanner Overland, Overland Aviation) “What that really does is it opens up Williston airport to not only the rest of the country but air traffic from around the world
(Anthony Dudas, Williston Airport Director) “People from Canada and all over the world can enter the United States through Williston, North Dakota.”
(Jason Schmelz, US Customs Port Director) “We anticipate an increase in trade coming once the expansion is complete. And we look forward to working with the local community to make that happen.”
(Tanner Overland, Overland Aviation) “We provide service to everything — everything from corporate aircraft to the private jets to a two-seater, Cessna 150.” Also fueling aircraft including commercial flights, flight school, charters,
(Anthony Dudas, Williston Airport Director) “Really a milestone for our project.”

A milestone, yes. But it’s really just one of the many critical projects now in high gear – from runway building to the centerpiece passenger terminal. It takes a lot of workers…

(Anthony Dudas, Williston Airport Director) “We have approximately 300 each day working on site. Just in the terminal alone, we have 150 people.”

For Tanner Overland, providing a key part to Williston’s new airport is the realization of a boyhood dream – when he and his mom would sit by the airport fence, eating a DQ, admiring the airplanes.

(Tanner Overland, Overland Aviation) “Thank you for being a part of our special day.”

In Williston, Jim Olson, KX News.

Williston’s airport director says runway work has been pushed back a bit by the cold spring, but he says the October 10th opening date is still on target.

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