Group asks residents and local businesses to shovel when there is snow

It seems like the snow just doesn’t want to stop lately. 

and for many of us, it creates hazards on the streets, driveways, parking lots and much more. 

Independence Inc. in Minot started an initiative earlier this season to raise awareness for residents and businesses to clear snow as soon as it hits the ground. 

Not shoveling snow makes it inaccessible to those who have to walk.

The organization has been able to reach out to many but they still notice businesses and residential areas are not being shoveled.

“We all recognize there is a huge amount of snow out there and it doesn’t seem to ever stop snowing but we have to continue to do what we can to make things open and to make things better –if you need help reach out to somebody to help clear off that snow and keep it going,” said executive director Scott Burlingame. 

 We’re expected to get snow this weekend so have those shovels prepared.

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