Habitat For Humanity Materials Stolen

Pieces of siding belonging to Habitat For Humanity was reported stolen this weekend

The siding was being stored at a warehouse and had been sitting there for 2 years – untouched.

KX spoke with the executive director of Habitat For Humanity and she says that roughly 200 pieces of siding was stolen equaling about forty-two hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, this siding was going to be used within the next couple of months for a house that’s being built but now the plans have changed.

“It’s hard to believe,” said Roxy Volk, Habitat For Humanity Executive Director.

Just off the highway is this warehouse that has Habitat For Humanity materials but around the back – outside – there was a bunch of siding that had been laying on palettes. Materials stolen included 4×8 paneling, trim strips, and 8 inch by 16 feet long sheets.

“Nobodies touched it for a number of years,” said Volk.

No one had touched it because Habitat For Humanity was waiting for the right home to use it on which happens to be the one they are working on right now.

“It would’ve done the majority of the house that we have in progress,” said Mike Murphy, Habitat For Humanity Board of Directors.

“Right now is really odd time,” said Volk.

The Ward County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call and they say that there are no suspects at this time but they’re assuming it was a larger vehicle or trailer that took the materials.

“We’ll be looking for any other video, any other clues that might be available from surrounding businesses and locations,” said Bob Barnard, Ward County Sheriff.

“Somebody returning it would be a perfect scenario,” said Volk.

Roxy says that the siding that was stolen was more expensive than what they normally get.

Now, they go back to the norm and use vinyl siding for the home being built.

The family will still be able to move in on time in September 2019.

The Sheriff says that if the community has any information or has noticed anything unusual – you can call and make an anonymous tip.

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