Halloween tips to stay safe

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While some families have already purchased their Halloween costumes, many are still planning out what they will dress up as. We asked some local kids what they’ll be dressing up as this year, and it seems like superheros and animals will be fairly popular.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends choosing costumes that fit your child well to avoid any tripping hazards. If your child’s costume comes with a mask, consider facepaint instead to avoid limiting their vision as they trick-or-treat. Most of all, choose costumes that help your child stand out from their surroundings.

“Make sure you have flashlights, glowsticks. If you’re visible, the cars will see you and they’ll slow down even more and be safe out there,” says Battalion Chief John Krill, Minot Fire Department.

Accidents involving pedestrians are a common call for first responders on Halloween night. He recommends not driving at all while trick-or-treating is at its peak. If you do drive, be sure to pay close attention to your surroundings and go slow.

They also receive more calls about fires caused by overloaded circuits. If too many lights or decorations are plugged into one circuit, it can overheat and start a fire. But they respond to more than just fires. Recently, they had to help get a cat out of a drain, and in those situations, he says you have to be creative.

“We get the strangest calls and my job is to either take care of the problem or help people find out how to get it taken care of. You can’t just say, ‘Sorry. Don’t know what to do,'” says Battalion Chief Krill.

He adds that helping solve problems like that is one of the main reasons he loves his job.

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