Hands Free Thermal Sight Mask To Help Firefighters


The 61st annual North Dakota State Fire School is back in Minot this weekend.

One vendor fire fighters are looking forward to is the Scott Safety Sight Mask.

It’s a new hands-free thermal camera to make their jobs a lot easier.

(Jess Sinerius/Minot Rural Fire Department) “Yes this is much better.” 

She’s talking about the Scott Sight Mask – a hands-free thermal imaging device.

(Sinerius) “We’re getting the most heat from here, and it’s rising up to the wall going up to the ceiling. Looks like it’s a stove.”

(Becky Farr/KX News) “The main difference between the Scott Sight Mask and the thermal hand held camera is that you’ll see exactly what you see here, just a scaled down version, with the benefit of being hands free.”

(Sinerius) “It’s pretty amazing because now my hands are free to drag a line, use my tools, tear down a ceiling, tear down walls.

Most importantly that my hands are available to know where my partner is.”

Not many fire departments in North Dakota have these thermal imaging masks and are still using handhelds.

Williston Fire Department recently bought six Sight Masks – and Captain Matthew Clark says he highly recommends it.

(Captain Matthew Clark/Williston Fire Department) “The nice part is with it on our face piece and everything, it allows us to quickly scan a room.

It helps us speed up our search and rescue operation and additionally it helps us trying to track down seeds of a fire and extension throughout the buildings.”

(Sinerius) “It’s very vivid, you can see through the walls almost. It’s amazing.”

Sinerius says the hands-free capabilities make the world of a difference.

(Sinerius) “Last night we were just at a structure fire and I had the thermal imager in my hand.

I couldn’t hang on to my line, I couldn’t hang on to my tools because I was focusing and hand my hands completely busy.” 

(Clark) “It’s a thing of the future, it’s where the fire service is going.

It’s where the thermal imaging cameras are going and any department it’s going to benefit them immensely.”

Not to mention, the appealing price tag.

The Sight Mask is 13,000 dollars cheaper than a typical hand-held thermal camera.

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