“Hangry,” “bingeable,” “tl;dr” among new words added to dictionary


(CBS News) — Along with the “too long, didn’t read” summary line found at the end of wordy online posts, the Springfield-based dictionary company Merriam-Webster.com added 800 new words and meanings on Tuesday, expanding its database based on frequently used terms.

Emotionally, people get “hangry” when hunger and anger mix, easily fixed by a meal of “zoodles” – noodles made from zucchini.

Favorite shows may lead to “bingeable” viewing of episode-after-episode, an activity that’s clearly a “time suck” of people’s more productive hours.

Among the new entries include several tech-based terms such as “force quit” to make an app stop, “airplane mode” to shut down signal reception on a smartphone, “Instagramming” your life through lots of photo posts and “biohacking” to edit a person’s genes.

Talk a lot about how sophisticated your bank’s financial services are via the latest “fintech?” Too snobby about beer as a self-described “hophead” seeking a “flight” to sample new craft brews? In certain circles, you may come across as “bougie” – of the bourgeois, but not in a good way.

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