It’s been called North Dakota’s legendary fear event…and it continues for the next two weekends at one of the biggest state parks.

I spent the afternoon learning about the legendary stories behind the Haunted Fort here at Fort Lincoln State Park.

“There’s a lot of screams, a lot of thrills, and a lot of fun,” said Matt Schanandore, Event Coordinator.
The biggest haunted attraction in the state is back.

“It morphed into this modern day haunt that we have today, that really has its basis on the true paranormal myths and legends of the old Fort Abraham Lincoln,” said Schanandore.
And there are reasons this spot is the #1 most visited haunted house in North Dakota.

“Some say the fort is truly haunted,” said Schanandore.
The tour starts at the General Custer house, and travels to 2 surrounding buildings, to give you about 45 minutes of fear.

“If it’s too scary, you have to deal with the nightmares,” said Schanandore.
Along with the haunted houses, comes a new attraction this year.

“You can try your hand at taking on some of our live zombies, and that’s been a huge hit this year,” said Schanandore.
So whether zombie paintball peaks your interest, or you’d just like a tour through the spooky grounds of the fort…
Schanandore says the Haunted Fort is guaranteed to provide some spooky fun for all.

“You may not get too scared, or you may get really scared. But it’s all about having fun with your family and friends, and enjoying time in a North Dakota state park,” said Schanandore.
The Haunted Fort is open the next 2 weekends, and tickets are sold from 7-11 Friday and Saturday night.
Schanandore told me they don’t suggest anyone under age 13 to come, but if parents think their kids can handle it, everyone is welcome.

I’ve been to 2 haunted houses now this week, and guys, I think I’m all spooked out… I don’t know if I can handle it anymore.