Prairie Rose Family Dentist in Mandan wanted to extend a blessing to others by offering to repair three mothers’ teeth. Patty Flegel from Hazelton was one of the three selected.

“They capped every one of them, they filled in two of them and they’re all gone, and they made it all the same size because I had worn down so many of them,” Flegel said.

At first, she said she was surprised and thought maybe this was too good to be true.

“Yeah right, they can’t fix this, it’s a mess,” Flegel said.

With the help of doctors in the office, it was possible. Sid Schmidt from Prairie Rose Family Dentist said they are in the business of repairing smiles.

“Reconstructive smiles for our patients basically getting them back to where they felt comfortable smiling and they’re able to eat again and felt a lot better,” Schmidt said.

Flegel said she is so confident with her smile, and it makes her feel younger than her kids.

“They’re 50 down to 38, so they’re getting old. I don’t know about me, but they are,” Flegel said

And those compliments just keep coming.

“When they say I look good I just smile at them,” she said.

This all started back during Mother’s Day when dozens of nominations were submitted.