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Nutrition expert shares snack ideas during COVID-19 pandemic


Snacks and comfort food sales are soaring as people stay at home during the coronavirus crisis. It’s all so tempting to indulge — bored, anxious and stressed — and seeking relief by eating all day.

So how do we NOT eat our feelings during the pandemic?

“Food is comforting and that’s the only comfort we have. We don’t have people right now.
We don’t necessarily have places we normally go to. We don’t have social stuff so if where you’re finding your comfort is food that’s OK,” said Registered Dietitian, Rachel Iverson.

Most folks know how to feed themselves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but snacking is something else, especially when those snacks become full meals.

Iverson said, “Meals are plated and so it’s not a continuous venture throughout the day. Meals are a specific time and a specific amount. The issue is when you’re snacking 12 hours a day.”

Instead, Iverson says to make a list of snacks you really enjoy.

She added, “They don’t need to be one hundred percent healthy. You don’t have to have this perfect image of a plate with a couple veggies, a couple pieces of fruit, and just hummus and just peanut butter and whole-grain whatever.”

She says in the end, it’s all about finding balance.

“Give yourself permission to have some of those foods you might normally don’t have. It is OK .. We’re living through a worldwide pandemic, we are surviving right now,” said Iverson.

Iverson says for adults or children, having at least two food groups to snack on is totally acceptable.

Here is a list of all Rachel’s favorite healthy packaged snacks:

-Ritz wheat crackers

-Stacy’s pita chips

-Peanut butter

-Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges


-The Good Bean (roasted Chick Peas)



-Canned fruit in juice or extra light syrup

-Birds Eye Steamfresh Protein Blends

-Fairlife Chocolate milk

-Thomas Wheat Bagels

-Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt

-Packaged nuts (lightly salted)


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