Heart of America Johnson Clinic in Towner closed

The Heart of America Johnson clinic offered primary care services which included disease prevention, health maintenance, and counseling.

“You could go in there and just ask a question and they would answer you without making an appointment or waiting a day or two or whatever,” said Towner resident Lillian Domres. 

Domres and other residents tell me it’s closure is a big disappointment. 

“They’ve only been here eleven months and which is unfortunate for the people of Towner,” said Towner resident Vern Kongslie. 

They feel a little more advertising could have kept it running longer.

“Maybe it would’ve done better if there would have been more advertising and people would have found out about it,” said Kongslie.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “Residents of Towner now have to travel either 45 miles West to Minot or 22 miles East to Rugby just to be seen by a provider.”

“It’s going to be hard because there’s a lot of elderly people that live here,” said Domres. 

But Heart of America medical center CEO says there weren’t enough patients coming in to keep it open.

“By the end we were seeing fewer than three patients a day –our last month that we were open in June we saw 37 patients in the month,” said CEO of the Heart of America Medical Center Patrick Branco. 

They needed at least 75 a month to break even with their expenses.

“Renting space, providing supplies, equipment, and the support staff for the provider –it’s an expensive operation. “I’m not opposed to the idea of opening it up again but I need some assurances that it will be viable,” said Branco. 

For now the clinic will remained closed and those who did used it will have to travel out of town for primary healthcare services. 

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