Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe expands to help more people

A local soup kitchen is expanding it’s services to help serve more people in the community.

Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe is not your average soup kitchen. There are no lines or standard meat and potatoes served.

It’s a non- profit soup kitchen that operates as a restaurant serving up to 200 people a day. 
Michelle Fitterer is one of many volunteers that makes a variety of food, one being soup.

“It’s a freshly made soup every morning. This holds up to 30 gallons of soup,” Fitterer said. 

The cafe has been in operation for nine years and recently moved into a new location 11 months ago, now management is on a mission to reach more people in the community. They are in the process of adding showers, laundry facilities, and computers to help people find jobs. 

“It will be free with a little caveat, they will use soup cafe bucks. To earn soup cafe bucks they will volunteer here, chop vegetables, wash dishes, earn these soup cafe bucks. They can use that for the shower, laundry, and computers. So, instead of a hand out, it is a hand up,” said Mark Meier, Executive Director, Heaven’s Helpers Soup Kitchen. 

Currently,  the cafe provides more food options and a salad bar. 

The owner says the new additions will be done by May and hopes this will be a safe haven for those who need it the most. 

As for Fitterer, there is nothing ele she would rather do.

“It’s just feel so blessed in my life. It feel so good to help those who are less fortunate,” Fitterer said. 

The cafe will be open Christmas Day and everyone will receive a gift bag. 

They are open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Sunday they are closed.

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