Herberger’s is back – at least as an online retailer, right now.

One of the retail brands that operated under the Bon-Ton corporate umbrella, the Herberger’s “brick and mortar” stores shut down earlier this year following Bon-Ton’s bankruptcy and liquidation of assets.

The company that now owns the Bon-Ton brands, CSC Generation, decided to re-establish the brands starting online first.

All the websites are structured to look the same and apparently feature the same inventory and shopping categories. The only difference is in the store brand name in the upper left corner.

There are plans to open new physical stores in a handful of states.

“Although many store locations have closed, Bonton is in the process of opening new stores in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Colorado,” reads a note on the website. “The first locations will include Evergreen Park, Lombard, and Orland Park in Illinois; Brookfield in Wisconsin; and Grand Junction in Colorado.”

There’s no word on whether Herberger’s will be re-opening stores in North Dakota.

You can read more in the “FAQS” section of the Herberger’s site.

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