It’s one of the easiest astronomical events to see that takes little effort. The full moon will be eclipsed by Earth’s shadow this Sunday, May 15, 2022.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth is in between the sun and the moon. In a total lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow will completely black out the moon. In a partial eclipse, it’s partially covering the moon with a shadow.

This Sunday, you’ll see the partial shadow starting at about 9:27 PM. But the full eclipse will begin at
10:29 PM central time.

The maximum coverage happens at 11:11 PM. That’s when the moon will be completely covered with a shadow.

The full eclipse will then start to come to an end at about 11:53 PM. You’ll see the earth’s shadow on the moon last until just before 2 AM.

The total duration of the entire eclipse will be four hours and fifty minutes. As the lunar eclipse progresses, you’ll see the moon turn an orange color. Unlike the solar eclipse, it’s perfectly safe to watch the lunar eclipse with the naked eye. If you miss this one, the next total lunar eclipse will be this November 8th. After that, you’ll have to wait until March of 2025 for the next total lunar eclipse.