High river levels putting a damper on Fourth of July boating

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Fourth of July, it’s one of the busiest days on the Missouri River. But thanks to rising water levels, it’s drowning a lot of expectations. 

Many boaters look forward to spending the day out on the sand bars.But those are nearly non-existent now. However, It won’t stop hundreds from cruising down the river – even in idle-only zones.
It just won’t be the same as years before. 

Boater Colton Murphy said, “A lot of people still have families that come here. We would have had more family come and stay with us and take them on the river, but now we’re kind of limited on space. You can’t really take multiple trips like you would down to the sand bars. Now, you’re kind of limited to 10-15 on your boat.”

Just a reminder, North Dakota Game and Fish is enforcing boats to stay at idle speed when they’re 200 feet away from river banks.

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