High school rivals work together to bring back championships

High school rivals Mott – Regent and New England are combining their rosters  this football season, hoping it will give them the competitive edge they need to compete for championships once again.

New England won a string of three straight championships in the 90’s, and Mott-Regent won a title in 2007, but both teams have struggled in recent years in finding enough players to put together a solid roster.

Mott- Regent quarterback, Josh Wallace, said playing on the same team with New England players is sight for sore eyes and bodies.

“We were just really running low on kids last season. We had like 17, and injuries were really plaguing us. It was really nice to have New England come over, ” said Wallace.

For New England lineman, Denit Sorenson, its an opportunity for him and his brother to play.

” Yep, we are both starting on both sides of the ball. I think it’s pretty special to be playing with my brother. We wouldn’t have been able to that up at Trinity,” said Denit.

” Its really fun. We both have fun together. We just love to play with each other, ” said Gabe Sorenson, Mott-Regent/New England  running back.

New England High School had a Co-OP with Trinity High School for the last 14 years, and the schools were struggling last season in Double AA.

” Saint Mary’s High School in Bismark . . .  They are a pretty good school. They are really good, and we just got blown out that game, ” said Denit.

He also said  New England partnering up with Mott- Regent for 9 – man football this season may give them an opportunity to be more competitive.

” and here there is a chance you might win. Its just small town football here,” said Denit.

Mott-Regent co-head coach, Nate Zachman is looking forward to bringing the school back to its past glory.

” Coach Benson has built a phenomenal program here. There is a lot pride and tradition. This Fall is the anniversary of our 9 – man state championship,” said Zachman.

One of the new things the New England players have to deal with this year is travel. Last season when they Co-Op with Trinity,  their bus drive was about 15 -20 minutes. This season that bus drive has been doubled.

“We actually meet in Regent twice a week. It might only cut up 20 minutes for New England, but we felt as a staff and a school we should save those kids drive time, ” said Zachman.

The players and coaches are still getting to know each but so far the schools are coming together.

“We are kinda becoming a family .it’s really awesome,” said Wallace.

Mott-Regent /New England lost its first game last week against New Salem, but the team hopes to rebound tonight against Shiloh-Christian.


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