High school students look to technology for academic success


High School students say that if they’re going to check out a book at the library it is going to be for entertainment and not for education purposes.

South Heart High School senior, Shelby Kanski, loves a good book,
but when it comes to her studies she goes to the library to plug in her laptop.

“The internet is so full of possibilities. You can look anything up and find something you didn’t find before. I feel like you are restricted with libraries because they might not have what you are looking for,” said Kanski.

Her teacher, Holly Holinka, who has been an instructor for almost 40 years, likes the efficiency the internet offers, but questions the quality of it.

“In the olden days, sending students to the library meant they were going to use material that was authentic and had been edited and checked. Now when we send them to the internet everything is out there. It’s not necessarily authentic,” said Holinka.

Outside of online learning, students said that social media apps are a big source of education while they are at school.

“I gave a speech on baking cookies, and I used a recipe that I found on Snapchat for those cookies in my demonstration, so it comes in handy, ” said Landon Pavlish, South Heart High School senior.

Teachers and students have been able to find a source that brings the internet and books together.

ODIN or the Online Dakota Information Network allows students to access creditable online materials from libraries all over the state.

“News articles and magazines. We can look through those and find our sources,” said Pavlish.

Kanski agrees that a Google search isn’t the best way to collect information for a research paper.

“I use this ODIN database. I don’t just goggle or use Wikipedia. Its not trustworthy,” said Kanski.

Books will always have nostalgia associated with them for educators, but the internet is the new medium for students.

South Heart High School officials said they offer many online courses for students preparing for careers after high school and college, such as Spanish, Sports Medicine, and Medical Terminology.

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