Highest Paying Jobs In America

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According to CBS, the highest paying jobs in America mostly come from two industries: heath care and technology.

Of the twenty-five jobs that make the list- eighteen of them are in one of those two industries.

The career that ranked the highest was a physician making just under two-hundred thousand dollars a year.

According to Job Service North Dakota, there is a demand for jobs in both those fields, but the largest need is in the healthcare industry.

“We do have some of those positions that are in high demand for us here in North Dakota. They also have the high salaries with them. Maybe not as high as some of them that were showing in the article but you always have to take into account where you’re located at,” said Susan Ogurek, Job Service Office Manager.

The rest of the top five highest paying jobs are: pharmacy manager, pharmacist, enterprise architect, and corporate counsel.

Full Article and List: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/highest-paying-jobs-in-america/

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