Highway Patrol video serves as winter driving warning

A short dashcam video posted to the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s Facebook page should serve as a warning when it comes to driving in snowy and icy conditions in the state.

“When traveling on North Dakota roads in winter, remember that bridges, overpasses, and underpasses ice much more quickly due to the wind being channeled and blowing more forcefully near these roadway structures,” the patrol writes in its post.

The added video shows two commercial trucks Nov. 10 sliding off the road near an underpass on I-94.

The first truck, in the distance slides, kicks up a snow cloud and appears to recover.

The second truck also slides near the overpass and spins off the road into the ditch in the median.

No one was injured in the accidents.

“Remember to never drive with your cruise control on icy or snowy roads, drive for the conditions, and always drive distraction-free,” writes the Patrol.

To fully see both trucks, you may want to watch the video in full screen mode.

The Highway Patrol’s post is here.

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