Hiker Babes is a national organization for women who love participating in outdoor activities.

KX News spoke with Sarah Jessen, ambassador of the organization’s North Dakota chapter, who says they welcome those from all walks of life and their goal is to preserve the outdoors so others can enjoy it.

Jessen says she moved to Stanley, North Dakota from Montana and has always loved the outdoors, hiking and camping. So when she found the Hiker Babes North Dakota Facebook group, she said she knew she had found her people.

Jessen says, “I initially said, the reason I wanted to join Hiker Babes is because there’s nothing to hike around here and I need to go find it because there’s got to be some adventure somewhere here in North Dakota.”

The group has challenges including the 12 Hikes in 12 Months.

They also have group hikes to find hidden treasures in our state, like ice caves south of Watford city or the only registered waterfall in North Dakota.

Jessen says. “It was surprising and beautiful and bigger than I thought it would be and really noisy and It was like a legit waterfall I was pretty excited.”

Jessen says Hiker Babes is all about empowering women of all shapes and sizes to get out there and get moving.

Most of their hikes are day-hikes.

The organization sometimes host co-ed gatherings.