Hill family competes in Blaisdell Rodeo

Meet Presley. She’s only ten, but she’s been competing in rodeo for about six years now.

“I like that you always have a competition about it and if you have a bad day they’ll always push you forward,” says Presley Hill, Youth Rodeo Competitor.

She practices nearly every day with her parents and siblings.

“Well, we do a lot of drills, to make sure to, like correct and then we go through the event and sometimes we just go over and over and over again until you just get it right,” Presley says.

Her mom, Tanya, began showing horses at a young age and eventually moved on to rodeo. Although she does compete, she more so enjoys the process of training and practicing the fundamentals.

“Horses are just like humans, they have habits too. They have tendencies. 90% of them we create, but we also learn from them. I’m a big advocate that we learn from all of our mistakes,” says Tanya Hill, Barrel Racer.

She and her husband met through the Northwest Horse Show Association, and together, they’re teaching their kids everything they’ve learned.

“It’s kind of life lessons for these kids to work hard at something and achieve something. Helps them in life from their jobs to their… everything,” says Jason Hill, Presley’s Father — a Team Roper.

Rodeo may just be a hobby for the Hills, but it’s one that’s keeping the family tight knit and learning every day.

“It’s fun to see them ten times farther than where you ever got. So, and I love seeing her win on my stuff so it’s awesome. She does amazing,” says Tanya.

Like her parents and grandparents before her, Presley has no intention of quitting.

“Until I’m an old lady and I can’t ride anymore,” Presley says, grinning.

With one rodeo down for the summer, the Hills are looking ahead for the next event. 

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