Historic Plane Pays Capitol City a Visit

A historic plane has touched down in the capitol city. Our Malique Rankin was at the airport to learn the history and capture the fun.

The Ford Tri-Motor Aircraft was first built in 1929, and has been maintained so that it’s still fully functional today. This airliner is the first ever mass produced plane. 

David Ross; Volunteer Pilot: “Make people happy. We hear stories all the time about people who rode on these, or who flew them even back in the day. A lot of first time riders. Even adults who’ve never been on an airplane before.”

The Experimental Aircraft Association says they tour the country with the plane in hopes of bringing their passengers a smile. For some, it brings back decades-old memories.

Rod Bassler; Passenger: “This is the first airplane I’ve ever had a ride in. That was probably 1970 or ’71.”

Ross says he’ll fly anything he can get his hands on, but this position is a special one. 

David Ross; Volunteer Pilot: “To be able to fly for them is kind of an honor, I’d say.”

As for the passengers, it’s a chance to take a ride in history.

Rod Bassler; Passenger:  “It’s just unique. Being the first passenger plane in the US. It’s just cool to get on a plane this age, it’s almost 90 years old now.”

It’s not too late to get in on the fun. This airliner will be here until Sunday in the capitol city. All you need to do to get tickets is head over to the Aero Center and purchase them before you fly. 

Tickets for minors are 50 dollars, for adults, it’s 75.

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