Homeowners should prepare during the winter months

Now that temperatures are dropping and we will experience snow in the coming weeks. 
KX news is putting your safety first.. keeping you ahead of the weather.

For homeowners who manage lawns, its very important to remove the garden hose from your outdoor faucets.
Ace’s store owner, Jeff Hinz, says  this happens too often that customers wont remove it and that will affect their pockets. 
“When you turn the valve off the faucet, it turns the water off way inside the house. If your garden hose was left on that means the faucet is full of water and your hose is full of water. Your faucet can freeze and break and when it breaks inside your house then a lot of water will start to run. It is very expensive,” Hinz said.

Hinz also highlights another costly mistake that people make.

When it comes to your home, the entire sewer system has vent pipes out of the roof.  Hinz says its important to keep it insulated.  

“In the insulated vent covers there is Styrofoam on the inside that will slide right over your pipe. The black surface collects heat from the sun. It’s a lot easier to go up and do this now when its warm then when your pipes have frozen the roof is snowy and slippery,” Hinz said. 

If you don’t have a cover, the pipes will freeze, stop the air flow and your sinks and toilets won’t drain, and sewer gas can accumulate in your house. 

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